Safety Specialist

Core responsibilities

  1. Technical Support:

    • Provide technical support for all safety and communication equipment within the DRC, ensuring proper functionality and maintenance.

    • Regularly review and update safety department documentation to meet organizational standards.

  2. Documentation Management:

    • Ensure timely and accurate maintenance of all safety-related documentation, procurement records, creation of maps, and updates to the database.

    • Maintain an organized system for easy retrieval and reference.

  3. Team Support:

    • Provide technical assistance to the safety team in the DRC South Area office, addressing equipment issues and ensuring a smooth workflow.

    • Support the overall operational efficiency of the DRC South Area office.

  4. Procurement Responsibilities:

    • Take charge of procuring all necessary equipment for the safety department, facilities, and other safety-related resources.

    • Prioritize tasks and adhere to established deadlines, demonstrating the ability to work effectively under pressure.

Main qualifications

  • Education: Bachelor's degree or higher in any relevant field.

  • Experience and Technical Skills:

    • Previous experience in a security service is an advantage but not mandatory.

    • Proven ability to prioritize tasks, adhere to deadlines, and work efficiently under pressure.

    • Digital literacy, including proficiency in MS Office programs with a high focus on Excel and PowerPoint. Knowledge of graphics/design and data visualization is a plus.

    • Ability to effectively work with supervision, learn quickly, and provide regular reports.

    • Excellent relationship-building, interpersonal communication, and representation skills for DRC.

  • Language: Proficiency in English.

Additional Details

  • Type of Contract: Fixed-Term term contract, National Position

  • Activity rate: 100%

  • Work place: Mykolaiv, Ukraine (subject to change according to context)