Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant

Key Responsibilities:

Training Evaluation:

· Manage the evaluation process of each training session, including collecting feedback from participants and trainers.

· Co-designing tools and measures for the evaluation of the project.

· Analyze training evaluations to identify areas for improvement and assess training effectiveness.

Pre and Post-Training Results:

· Collect and compile pre-training and post-training results to measure knowledge and skill improvement among trainees. Assist in developing data collection tools and methods to ensure accurate and consistent results.

Post-Distribution Monitoring:

· Oversee post-distribution monitoring activities, ensuring that medical equipment and supplies reach intended recipients effectively.

· Co-design tools and measures for the monitoring elements of the project

· Document and report on post-distribution impact and address any issues that arise.

Project Indicator Measurement:

· Co-design and implement the project's M&E plan by collecting data on project indicators as outlined in the logical framework.

· Ensure the accuracy, reliability, and timely reporting of indicator data.

Collaboration and Reporting

Qualifications and Requirements:

· Bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as monitoring and evaluation, statistics, public health, or related discipline.

· Previous experience in M&E activities or similar roles, preferably in projects or programs.

· Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data and provide meaningful insights.

· Proficiency in data collection, analysis, and reporting tools.

· Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

· Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and relevant software.

· Effective written and verbal communication skills in English and Ukrainian


Team Player and Collaboration:

· Ability to work collaboratively within a diverse team and across different locations.

Problem-Solving Skills:

· Proactive in identifying issues and proposing solutions to improve M&E processes.


· Ability to adapt to evolving project needs and changing circumstances.

Additional Details

  • Type of Contract: Fixed-Term term contract, National Position

  • Activity rate: 100%

  • Work place: Kharkiv, Ukraine (subject to change according to context)