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Logistic Officer

The Logistics officer plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth logistical operations of the training centre within the Medical Training Project in Ukraine. They will be responsible for managing daily procurements, offering logistic support, and ensuring that all training requirements are met in a quality manner.

1. Procurement Management:

● Identify and prioritize the procurement needs of the training center.

● Maintain an inventory of essential supplies and equipment.

● Source and negotiate with vendors and suppliers for the purchase of goods and services at training center level.

● Ensure that all procurements align with budgetary constraints and comply with Mehad policies and procedures

● Keep records of all procurement activities, including purchase orders, invoices, and receipts.


2. Logistic Support And Distribution:

● Collaborate with the Admin Officer and Training Officer to understand the logistical requirements for training programs.

● Arrange transportation, accommodation, and other logistics for trainees, trainers, and staff as needed.

● Ensure training facilities are appropriately set up and equipped.

● Coordinate with external service providers to meet training-related needs.

● Contribute to the distribution of procured medical supplies and equipment according to the distribution plan under the supervision of the Procurement Officer and Project Manager.

1. Quality Assurance:

● Monitor the quality of goods and services procured.

● Implement quality control measures to ensure the integrity of medical training programs.

● Address any logistic issues or concerns promptly to maintain the highest standards.


2. Documentation and Reporting:

● Maintain accurate and organized records related to logistics, procurement, and inventory.

● Prepare regular reports on procurement and logistics activities.

● Provide updates to the project manager and to the procurement officer.

● Develop the asset report and update it on a regular basis.

3. Compliance and Regulations:

● Ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and Mehad policies in all logistic activities.

● Work with the Admin Officer to meet financial and administrative reporting requirements.


Reporting: The Logistic Assistant will report directly to procurement officer


● A bachelor's degree or equivalent in logistics, supply chain management, or a related field.

● Prior experience in procurement, logistics, or a similar role.

● Strong organizational and problem-solving skills.

● Excellent communication and negotiation abilities.

● Attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

● Proficiency in relevant computer applications.

● Knowledge of Ukrainian procurement regulations (an advantage)